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Copper Pushfit Plumbing Fittings

The Conex Cuprofit push-fit range is simple to install, demountable and re-useable. The push-fit concept eliminates the need for flames or flux on site, thus avoiding numerous health and safety issues, and saving substantial time during installation.

Conex Cuprofit push-fit fittings are manufactured from copper or DZR brass bodies. This incorporates an EPDM O-ring and Stainless Steel grap ring. Conex Cuprofit fittings are designed for hard, half-hard and soft copper tubes.

Cuprofit items can be used on drinking water and other hot/cold water systems including central heating. Conex Cuprofit offers a leak-proof, tamper resistant and demountable connection.

Hydraulic working temperatures and pressures are shown below:
Size (mm)10 to 28Working Pressure (Bar)
C to 30°C65°C95°C
16 10 6

Maximum Working Temperatures and Pressures for Water Applications