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Literature: Downloads

Access the Conex Bänninger literature library to download or view up-to-date information about our plumbing fittings, from how to install to product range details.

Plumbing Installation Guides
>B< Press Fittings Install Guide view |download
>B< Push Fittings Install Guide view |download
Conex Compression Install Guide view |download
Series 4000 Install Guide view |download
Plumbing Range Datasheets
>B< ACR view |download
>B< Press Inox view |download
>B< Press Oyster view |download
>B< Press Carbon Steel view |download
>B< Press Gas view |download
>B< Press Solar view |download
>B< Press view |download
>B< Push view |download
SX Compression view |download
Cuprofit view |download
K65 view |download
Medical Gas view |download
Series 3000 view |download
Series 8000 view |download
Conex Compression view |download
Series 4000 view |download
Series 5000 view |download
>B< MaxiPro view |download
Conex Bänninger Brochures
Plumbing Range Catalogue(15MB) view |download
OEM Solutions view |download
Service Brochure view |download
Industrial Valves
Industrial Valves -All view |download
Industrial Gate Valves view |download
Industrial Check Valves view |download
Industrial Butterfly Valves view |download
Industrial Balancing Valves view |download
Industrial Valves - Accessories view |download
Specification Valves
Specification Valves -All view |download
Check Valves view |download
Gate Valves view |download
Globe Valves view |download
Approval and Product List
Product Approval Table view |download
Product Application Table view |download
Technical Data
>B< Press Testing Guide view |download
>B< Press Compatibility Chart view |download
>B< Press Steel Guide view |download
K65 Technical Data view |download
K65 Brazing Installation view |download
>B< Push Technical Data view |download
IBP Group Reach declaration view |download
Danish Literature
>B< Press view |download
>B< Press Gas Solar view |download
>B< Press Inox view |download
>B< Press Carbon view |download
>B< Push view |download
>B< Oyster view |download
Serien 4000 view |download
Serien 5000 view |download
Estonia Literature
Series 4000 view |download
Norwegian Literature
Series 5000 view |download
>B< MaxiPro technical Brochure 2018 view |download
>B< MaxiPro Sales Flyer 2018 view |download
>B< MaxiPro Refrigerant Compatibility Table view |download