IBP Group international standards and approvals, certification in metal plumbing fittings
Northern Europe

Approvals and Standards

Conex Bänninger fittings adhere to a number of international standards and approvals, if you have any questions please contact Colin Taylor or Navdeep Singh Dosanjh at our Technical Department: technical@ibpgroup.com

Corporate Standards
EMS 578064 view |download
FM 578065 view |download
Material Safety
MSDS view |download
Stress and Corrosion view |download
CE and CPR Statement
Construction Products Regulation view |download
European Standards and Approvals
ARGB-KVBG Press Gas view |download
ETA >B< Press view |download
ETA Compression view |download
GASTEC Multiple view |download
KIWA >B< Press view |download
Swedcert KIWA >B view |download
KIWA >B< Press Gas view |download
KIWA 4000-5000 Threaded Range view |download
Kiwa Compression view |download
SITAC Hexnut Compression view |download
Swedcert view |download
Swedcert KIWA >B< Press view |download
DNV Compression view |download
Kiwa Oyster view |download
Kiwa Solder Joint view |download
ISO Quality & Environmental approvals
IBP Group Reach Declaration view |download
Conex Universal Environmental Policy view |download
Conex Universal Quality Policy view |download
Group Anti Slavery Policy view |download
Group Quality Policy view |download
ISO 9001 - IBP Atcosa view |download
ISO 14001 - IBP Atcosa view |download
ISO 14001 - IBP Cordoba view |download