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>B< Press

12th July, 2013


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Triflow Solder Ring

12th March, 2014

Solder Ring Professional Plumbing Fittings Contains lead-free solder complying with EN 29453 and ISO 9453. Manufactured in accordancewit...

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End feed Solutions

2nd September, 2014

Delcop End Feed Available in sizes 6-54mm. Suitable for connecting copper tubes inaccordance with EN 1057. De...

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Industrial Valves

4th November, 2014

Industrial Valves Range Easy to install & maintain Available in sizes DN50 – DN600 High quality epo...

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>B< Press Inox

16th March, 2015

>B< Press Inox Range Specially designed EPDM O-Ring making >B< Press Inox suitable for HVAC, hot & cold drinking w...

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15th September, 2015

Conex Bänninger Valves Range Suitable for a variety of applications. WRAS and Kitemark appro...

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28th March, 2017

>B< MaxiPro in your market: Please click on a country ...

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19th March, 2018

>B< MaxiPro training Welcome to the >B< MaxiPro training resource for UK. Here, you will find all the resources you will need to further your knowledge on >B< MaxiPro in preparatio...

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>B< MaxiPro Patents

5th June, 2018

The following Conex Bänninger products are protected by patents as provided below. This website is provided to comply with virtual patent marking provisions. The following list of Conex Bänninger products may not be all-inclusive, and other Conex Bänninger products not listed here ...

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