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>B< Press Plumbing Fitting, the secure crimp joint

Conex >B< Press fittings are user friendly and very quick to install, leading to savings on labour costs. It also offers the advantage of a flame free installation, therefore, posing no fire risk. Conex >B< Press is a versatile press fitting system providing a secure, long-life, leak-proof joint. They are available in Copper and Low Lead Brass and are suitable for use with copper tube to ASTM B-88, types K, L and M.

Our >B< Press is installed using a mechanical press tool with compatible jaw. The jaw has a >B< profile to fit each size of fitting required. When pressure is exerted through the press tool the joint is permanently made and the fitting cannot be dismounted or re-used. The >B< Press system eliminates the need for solder, adhesives or additional jointing materials. The >B< profile has the advantage of a 3 Point Press, two mechanical presses either side of the bead and one hydraulic press crimping the o-ring. This provides a more secure joint.

Leak before press indicator and system testing

>B< Press benefits from a patented 'leak-before press' O-ring technology (sizes 1/2" to 2"). This tri-lobal O-ring allows water to pass through and create a noticeable leak when the system is tested at low pressure (1.5 to 85 PSI).

Low pressure testing for leaks or unpressed joints should be done once the installation has been completed. The benefit from this technology is that it will identify any unpressed joints within the system, allowing the installer to revisit and press any joint that may have been unpressed. The unpressed fittings can then be pressed without having to drain the system, saving time.

Areas of Service

>B< Press copper fittings are suitable for use in the following applications.

Type of service Comments  Pressure (PSI) Temperature (°F)
Hot and cold potable water  - 200 32 to 250
Rainwater/gray water PH 6.5 < 9.5 200 32 to 250
Chilled water Ethylene Glycol/Propylene 200 0 to 250
Hydronic heating  Up to 50% Ethylene glycol/Propylene glycol  200 32 to 250
Cooling water Up to 50% Ethylene glycol/Propylene glycol  200 0 to 250
Low pressure steam Water Vapour  Up to 15 248
Fuel oil and lubricant 
Ethanol  Pure grain alcohol 200 Ambient 
Compressed air Less than 25mg/m3 oil content  200 Up to 140
Nitrogen - 200 Up to 140
Argin Welding use 200 Up to 140
Vacuum - 24.5 in Hg Up to 140
Carbon Dioxide  Co2 Dry 200 Up to 140