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Case Studies: > >B< MaxiPro ACR press ft solution is top of the class for high school renovation

Faced with replacing air conditioning units at a West Virginia high school with much of the work to be completed during the school day, the installing contractor turned to Conex Bänninger’s ACR press-fit innovation >B< MaxiPro for a flame free, fast and reliable solution.

City Plumbing & Heating had to work to a strict deadline to install the new refrigerant systems in the hallways, locker rooms and rooftops at the 1,800-student Morgantown Senior High.

With the use of torches made impossible, because the installation had to be carried out during school hours, City P & H considered a number of options for the best jointing solution to use.

Having consulted with N H Yates, Conex Bänninger’s representative in the state, the contractor chose >B< MaxiPro.

Developed by the IBP Group company for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications, >B< MaxiPro can be used up to a maximum operating pressure of 700 psi at 250°F, with a permanent maximum operating temperature of range of -40°F to 284°F.

As a mechanically strong copper joint, there is no need for a fire watch, the risk of fire is eliminated, it can be used in confined spaces and the speed of connection is significantly faster than for ‘traditional’ brazing.

Jay Wade, President of City Plumbing & Heating, said: “This project was on a tight deadline within a confined and occupied school.

“We use press (fittings) for water and gas currently but for refrigerant it was a big decision. After meeting N H Yates and the introduction to the >B< MaxiPro product, we decided that this would be a great project to give it a try.

“The training from Matt Hatmaker, Senior Commercial Sales Engineer of N H Yates, was very thorough. The training included an overview of the Rothenberger press tool and my field team even found the test at the end a nice recap to the training.

“The installation was flawless and >B< MaxiPro is now our only option for refrigerant piping.”

To produce a permanent tight connection, the fittings are pressed over three points, one on each side of the bead and one compressing the O-ring.

Each fitting comes with an industry-standard 12-month warranty, extended to five years when the official training programme is undertaken and the installation is made in line with Conex Bänninger guidelines (refer to full terms).

Conex Bänninger recommends the use of Rothenberger Romax 4000 press tools and >B< MaxiPro jaws for all press installations.

Eleven City P & H employees were trained onsite by N H Yates and tested in the proper installation of the product and use of the Rothenberger tools.

Matt Hatmaker said: “Wherever we have recommended >B< MaxiPro to an installer contractor they have been delighted with the results and have readily adopted it as their ACR solution of choice.

“The advantages of a flame free, permanent joint that is significantly quicker and easier than brazing to complete are steadily gaining ground in this important market.”

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