Approvals and Standards

Conex Bänninger fittings adhere to a number of international standards and approvals if you have any questions please contact Colin Taylor or Navdeep Singh Dosanjh at our Technical Department:

Corporate Standards
ISO 9001- IBP Atcosa view |download
ISO 9001 view |download
ISO 14001 view |download
IBP Group Reach declaration view |download
>B< Flex I view |download
Cuprofit II view |download
>B< Press Gas view |download
>B< Press Red Brass Water view |download
Conex Gas view |download
Conex Push-Fit view |download
Conex Wasser I Bis view |download
Cu Water Atcosa view |download
NG-4502AU157 view |download
DVGW Water view |download
Series 3000 view |download
Series 4000 view |download
Series 5000 view |download
Material Safety
MSDS view |download
Stop Valves view |download
Compression Ball Valves view |download
Compression Gate Valves 112120 view |download
Compression Gate Valves BSP 11260 view |download
Compression Gate Valves 1121 view |download
Compression Gate Valves- 112210-112450 view |download
Compression Gate Valves BSP F-112010 view |download
Compression Stop Valve-126810 view |download
Compression DZR Brass view |download
Compression Brass view |download
>B< Press Copper & Brass view |download
>B< Press Copper view |download
Conex Cuprofit view |download
Triflow Solder Ring view |download
Conex Push Fit view |download
Stress and Corrosion view |download
Prevention of Corrosion CS SS CS view |download
IAPMO PS 117-2012ae1 and TIL-MSE-13 view |download
NSF/ANSI 61-2012- DRINKING WATER view |download
LEAD FREE view |download
ISO Quality & Environmental approvals
Conex Universal Environmental Policy view |download
Conex Universal Quality Policy view |download
Group Anti Slavery Policy view |download
Group Quality Policy view |download