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Push Fit PLumbing Fittings

Conex Push-Fit is a revolutionary new push-fit fitting through its speed, ease of use and wide applications. Conex Push-Fit is unique as it is suitable for a wide variety of tubes types including copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, PE-X and PB in sizes 10, 15, 22 & 28mm.

Conex Push-Fit is manufactured with a corrosion resistant body in dezincification resistant (DZR) natural brass finish with only two internal components; a high grade EPDM o-ring and a stainless steel grab ring. The unique grab ring ensures the fitting is firmly orientated but not fixed, allowing turning for system alignment. The fittings also maintain electrical continuity on metallic pipe systems.

Conex Push-Fit is demountable and reusable up to 20 times with the use of a professional release tool. It is incredible versatile across a wide range of applications for the professional plumber including hot and cold drinking water, heating and chilled water systems.

The fittings conform to normal operating parameters for joints to metallic tubes:

Operating Temperature °CMaximum Operating Pressure (MOP) bar
0-30 16
65 10
95 6

To allow for system malfunctions, fittings are capable for temporary excursions up to a temperature of 110?C at a pressure of 6 bar.