Literature: Downloads

Access the Conex Bänninger literature library to download or view up to date information about our plumbing fittings, from how to install to product range details.

Range Sheets
Conex Compression view |download
Push-Fit view |download
Delcop End Feed view |download
>B< Oyster view |download
Triflow Solder Ring view |download
Cuprofit view |download
Delbraze view |download
Medical Gas Fittings view |download
>B< ACR view |download
Series 3000 view |download
Series 8000 view |download
>B< Press view |download
>B< Press Carbon view |download
>B< Press Inox view |download
K65 view |download
>B< Press Solar view |download
>B< Press Gas view |download
>B< Press Inch view |download
Check Valves view |download
Gate Valves view |download
Globe Valves view |download
QT Ball Valves view |download
Y-Pattern Valves view |download
Fitting Lubricant Data Sheet International view |download
Plumbing Installation Guides
>B< Press Fittings Install Guide view |download
>B< Push Fittings install Guide view |download
Conex Compression Install Guide view |download
Delcop End Feed Install Guide view |download
Triflow Solder Ring Install Guide view |download
>B< Oyster Fittings Install Guide view |download
Conex Bänninger Brochures
>B< MaxiPro Technical Brochure - Gulf view |download
>B< MaxiPro Technical Brochure - International view |download
>B< MaxiPro Technical Brochure - Netherlands view |download
>B< MaxiPro Technical Brochure - US Spanish view |download
>B< MaxiPro Flares Data Sheet - International view |download
>B< MaxiPro Flares Data Sheet - Gulf view |download
>B< MaxiPro Flares Data Sheet - Netherlands view |download
>B< MaxiPro Silicone Oil Data Sheet - International view |download
>B< MaxiPro Silicone Oil Data Sheet - Gulf view |download
>B< Press & >B< Press XL Technical Brochure EUR view |download
OEM Solutions view |download
Service Brochure view |download
Industrial Valves Datasheets
Industrial Air Release Valves view |download
Industrial Balancing Valves view |download
Industrial Bronze Pressure Reducing Valve view |download
Industrial Butterfly Valves view |download
Industrial Check Valves view |download
Industrial Expansion Joint view |download
Industrial Floating Valves view |download
Industrial Gate Valves view |download
Industrial Pressure Reducing Valves view |download
Industrial Y-Strainers view |download
Conex Bänninger Sales Flyers
>B< MaxiPro Sales Flyer - Gulf view |download
>B< MaxiPro Sales Flyer - International view |download
>B< MaxiPro Sales Flyer - Netherlands view |download
>B< MaxiPro Sales Flyer - US Spanish view |download