United Kingdom

110 Year Roadshow

20 May 2019

To commemorate a momentous milestone for Conex Bänninger, celebrations will be held throughout the UK in the form of a 110 year roadshow.

The main theme of the celebratory roadshow is to showcase Conex Bänninger’s innovative products from the ever-growing portfolio and present the company’s rich heritage which has helped put Conex Bänninger on the map as one of the world’s leading manufacturers for fittings and valves. During the roadshow, the Regional Technical Sales Managers will also be training and demonstrating Conex Bänninger’s press-fit solutions such as >B< Press and the award-winning >B< MaxiPro for air conditioning and refrigeration applications and will be on hand to assist with any questions.

Come and join one of the below events to celebrate 110 years of innovation. There are more events to follow later in the year.

10.05.19        UK        Trade Morning        Pipe & Climate Center - Norwich
20.05.19        UK        Trade Morning        City Plumbing Supplies - Edinburgh
21.05.19        UK        Trade Morning        CPS - Tranent
22.05.19        UK        Trade Morning        Wolseley - Govan
23.05.19        UK        Trade Morning        Flame Heating - Glasgow
05.06.19        UK        Trade Morning        Wolseley - Barking
11.06.19        UK        Trade Morning        Wolseley - Deptford
12.06.19        UK        Trade Morning        Wolselsy - Crawley
14.06.19        UK        Trade Morning        Wolseley Brentford
21.06.19        UK        Trade Morning        Wolseley - Basildon


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